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Beauty for Ashes (A Hickory Ridge Romance)

Pediatric Multiprofessional Critical Care Review 2008 - Thomas Shanley, Thomas P. Shanley Carrie Daly has been living with her brother Henry in Hickory Ridge TN since she lost her husband in the Civil War. Everything was going pretty well until Mary came along and married Henry. Mary has 2 obnoxious boys to boot. Nate, Carrie's friend wants to set their wedding date, but Carrie keeps putting it off. She doesn't know if she is really in love with Nate or not. As she is walking across town a wagon comes along and the young girl could not control the big horse. A strange man comes along and saves Carrie from the wagon and horse.

Griff is a stranger in town from Charleston SC. People don't take too kindly to the man and wonder why he is hanging around Carrie so much. Nate sure doesn't approve either.

I enjoyed this christian historical romance. Carrie is easy to like and Griff is too. The Towns folk are judgmental when it comes to Griff and what he stands for. Little do the know what he will do for their town. There are some nice twists and suspense in the book to keep the pages turning. This is a re-read for me as the plot and characters are all well done.