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The Unlikely Wife (Love Inspired Historical)

The Unlikely Wife - Debra Ullrick When Selina steps off the train and Michael finally notices she is his wife things don't go so well. He was not expecting his wife to be dressed in trousers and toting a rifle. The first thought through his mind was she was an outlaw. The other women walking down the sidewalk were starting at her.

Selina was already falling in love with Michael for his letters her friend would read to her. Selina did not know how to read nor write. Her friend would write the letters back for Selina, but failed to tell the truth. She elected to leave a few details out. Selina had no clue why Michael was trying to send her back home until he opened up about the letters. When Selina explained the truth about some things they both decide to try to make the marriage work.

The story was breath-taking. I loved how the author brought Selina's dialect to the story. It made me appreciate Selina more and she was more of a real person. I enjoyed seeing Selina and Michael's daughter get a long and start becoming a family. The tender moments when Michael made her something special for Christmas. Selina doesn't feel comfortable around the family but tries with all her spunk to make things work.

This is a story you will want to share with others and re-read later on.