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Tall, Dark and Cowboy

Tall, Dark and Cowboy - Joanne Kennedy Lacey finally leaves Tennessee and her ex husband who swindled people out of their land to make lots of money. Back in her hometown of Conway TN a lot of people thought Lacey was part of it. She couldn't find a job to make it out on her own. She decided to head across country to Wyoming and her old friend Chase. She knows someone will be out to look for her. Along the way she picks up a stray dog an ugly one at that. She arrives and the last person who wanted to see her is Chase. After some rude comments she leaves to go across the street to a motel as her car breaks down. Chase has some hard feelings to work though that even Lacey doesn't know about.

Chase decides to help Lacey as all she wanted was a place to stay for a bit. Their feelings start to show but Lacey keeps pulling back as she does not want to depend or be controlled by any man. Can she let Chase help her and deal with her feelings or will she give in to them?

What a fun read with a handsome, well built cowboy. Lacey had a rough go from Trophy Wife to a normal life. Chase judge her by that life and was wrong on some accounts. They work through several issues and you can start to see the real characters. Pam Chases sister is a great help and Cody has some secrets of his own and is Chase's best friend. All the characters work well together even Krystal a co-worker of Chase. Galt a neighbor of Chase is even a hoot.

The setting is wonderful, you can easily picture yourself in Wyoming in the hills on Chase's ranch.