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Sold to the Highest Bidder

Sold to the Highest Bidder - Donna Alward Ella & Devin got married at a young age. Ella couldn't take it and wanted out of Colorado and make something bigger for herself. She couldn't see them making it big in the world. Ella has been asking or a divorce and even sent papers a few times, but Devin never signs them. Ella comes back to town to get the papers signed after 12 years of trying and bids on Devin who is in an auction. She hopes with being with him for 48 hours he will sign the papers. Devin hopes with the 48 hours he can change her mind.

Ella grew on me a bit after I got into the story for a while I could not like her. She was self absorbe and uncaring. It was nice to see her fall on her face so to speak a few times and learn what Devin had been up to. They might just work things out.