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The Wonder of Your Love (A Land of Canaan Novel)

The Wonder of Your Love - Beth Wiseman Katie Ann has lost her husband to an English woman whom he moved in with. Then he was killed in a tragic accident. He never knew Katie was having a baby as she did not want Ivan to feel he had to come back just for the baby. She wanted him to come back because he wanted to.

Katie and Martha ( her English neighbor ) are like mother and daughter. They have a few things in common, both are widows and both are afraid to be hurt again. Martha kept her feelings quiet about the man she loved.

Will both women be bold enough or brave enough to let the men know they are in love with them? Can they find peace and be happy once again?

I loved this book. It is the 2nd book. I have not read the first one, but I will. I enjoyed seeing the women come about and start to change and tell people what they want. The best thing I got out of the book...no matter what we think we know about our lives and how it will be, GOD just might have a different plan for us and you just have to go with the flow.

I was given a free copy of The Wonder of Your Love from Litfuse for an honest review.