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A Vote of Confidence (The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs)

A Vote of Confidence - Robin Lee Hatcher A wonderful inspirational read. I love romance and history and what great two things come together with twin sister's Gwen and Cleo. When the girls were little their mother was longing for the city life again not farm land. So she took Gwen with her back to the east coast, while leaving Cleo with their father. The sisters reunite after several years of being apart. For twins they are totally different. Cleo likes working on the family ranch in trousers. Gwen likes wearing dresses and working in her flower garden along with giving piano lessons. One day while the sisters were visiting each other Cleo and Gwen decided it was time for Gwen to run for Mayor for their town. At the time no one else was running but a man named Tattersall that was not up to par so to speak. He ran the local saloon. Then comes a long a gentleman ( Morgan McKinley ) who is building a health spa and wants to run for Mayor as well. He hopes by winning he can get the commissioners to back off and let him keep building. The each want what is best for the town Only one can win the election and two can win the heart of the other.

I liked the sisters coming together and working together even though they are as far apart as sisters ever can be. I enjoyed reading about Cleo and her ways. I have to say she is my favorite character. Gwen is great all on her own. She loves the town and loves helping people and not a snob.

The setting was remarkable. Easy to picture the places described in the book.

I want to read the next book in this series : Fit to Be Tied that is about Cleo and then the 3rd book, A Matter of Character about Daphne McKinley, Morgan's sister who writes dime novels.