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The Last Rising (Curse of the Phoenix)

The Last Rising - Rachel Firasek Ice has been living with a cold heart for such a long time. She meets Turner on a plane, which is suppose to be her last death. Something about him makes her sacrifice herself to save him. Turner is the only survivor of the crash. He forgets about Ice as was told it was his imagination. He goes on with his life to find Brodie’s teacher one hot woman. She seems so familiar, but doesn’t know why. After the crash he wants a wife and a loving mom to his son.

What a thrilling and exciting read. I could not put the book down. I had to know what was going to happen with Ice. She was so cold for so long, I did not know if she would find love again. The characters worked very well together and the scenes were remarkable. Rachel’s writing style suck you into the story and you want to know what happens. You want to help the characters yourself.

This is a must read for any paranormal lover and romance lover.