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Bear Claw Conspiracy (Harlequin Larger Print Intrigue)

Bear Claw Conspiracy - Jessica Andersen I enjoyed this book and only put it down to go to sleep. I woke the next morning at 7 am to finish it. Matt is the head ranger at station 14. One of his rangers has gone missing and could be dead. He follows one of the hikers who has found her. She is barley alive and unconscious. She didn't just fall, she was attacked by someone or a few people.

The investigation starts when the police from Bear Claw are called in. To Matt's horror Gigi aCSI is called in after Matt requested someone else. He didn't think she could handle herself. He saw her once before and thought she was very incapable. Rather he liked it or not he was stuck with her.

As things are heating up with finding out who tried to kill the ranger, things are starting to heat up with Matt and Gigi who has other aspirations then staying in Bear Claw.

I like how the author writes along with the setting. You can tell she has done some research on fires, the wilderness, rangers etc. I like the romance woven into the suspense. The book does keep you guessing as to what or who is causing the issues at the rangers station.

I find it a must read.