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Almost an Outlaw

Almost an Outlaw - Patricia Preston Austin rides into Liberty looking for the James brothers to help him track down a man who stoled his prize mare when he shows up at Darcey's dress shop she is taken back. He saved her once a long time ago. Darcey helps Austin get to her cousins Jesse and Frank James.
Along the way villain Gaberial, is taking to murdering anyone that stands in his way of the James gang. He corners Darcey out on a trail and hurts her wrist. Austin finds out about it and gets word to the gang. All the while Darcey and Austin are feelings things Darcey is not sure of. She blames herself for the murder of her husband.

Will they find true love and can Darcey overcome her guilt?

I enjoyed this book to a point. The characters were good and I like the fact of the James-Younger gang being involved. The story could have gone on a bit more. To me the story was too short and there was a lot of potential for further things to happen. I did like the romance and suspense. It leaves you wanting more.