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Rabbits in the Garden

Rabbits in the Garden - Jessica McHugh
My 2 Cents:

Talk about an interesting read, this is it! Avery was a sweet girl whom anyone would love to have as a daughter. Paul, Avery's boyfriend and best friend, wanted to help Avery. He knew her mom was strange and could not understand why she hated him so much. Natalie, Avery's sister, was at a nice school away from home and never visited long. She arrived for Avery's 13th birthday party. One of the gifts that was given to the birthday girl was her mom's garden. She had come of the age that her mom thought it would be a good idea. Natalie was horrified and warned Avery that she herself could not take care of it well and was sent away. As the weeks went by Avery was getting more concerned about her mother. With Paul's help they hid inside Avery's mother's car. After a long drive they eased out to follow were the mother was going and what the kids saw was unthinkable. Avery was grounded after slipping out of the house. She went to tend the garden and stumbled upon a scene that would terrify her and send her away for good.

I loved the book for the characters. Everyone in the story has their part and played it well. Jessica does a wonderful job with her descriptions. I could picture the Asylum and what the kids there went through or watching Avery's mom throw her under the bus so to speak. Paul really comes through for avery after all the years she has to spend in the asylum before she is helped by one of the insiders. I also liked the fact anyone could really put themselves in Avery's shoes and feel the same way she did. It is a wonder that Avery is sane at all.

A wonderful scary, mysterious read that sucks you in.