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An Amish Love: Healing Hearts/What the Heart Sees/A Marriage of the Heart (Inspirational Amish Anthology

The Book of Presidents: A Pictorial Celebration - Ian Westwell I loved all 3 stories in this book. Out of all 3, I would have to say What the Heart Sees is my favorite. I will start with that one first.

Eliie is blind by a car accident which also took her best friends life. She copes and after a while she even has her own business of making jellies from any kind of fruit. Christopher Miller left the Amish community after his fiance' passed away. Ellie's cousin is going to marry Christopher's sister which makes everyone happy, but Christopher. He can not get passed that Ellie's cousin was the one driving the car 5 years ago that killed his fiance'. He can not understand why his sister is betraying him by marrying this man. Everyone else has forgiven this man it has been 5 years and life must move on. To Christopher however he can not get passed it until he spends time with Ellie. What happens next is magical.

A Marriage of the Heart is a remarkable story. Rachel tells her father that Joseph Lambert has kissed her and touched her. They go right away over to where Joseph lives and her father demands they get married it is the Amish way when this happens. Joseph tried to deny it at first until the Bishop explained to him he will get thrown out of the community. Joseph rethinks the idea and confesses he did indeed kiss Rachel. They were married in 5 minutes. Rachel was happy to get away from her fathers house that is until Joseph ask her father if they can stay there with him. He can help out with the farming and chores. Rachel was not happy at this news and regretted telling such a wild story. She is stuck now. I loved the humor in this story. Joseph sleeps on the floor by Rachel's bed until she is comfortable in their marriage which takes a while. He picks at her just to see her blush. The story is really cute and the ending is perfect.

Healing Hearts was a nice read about true love. Naaman abandons his family and goes to see his cousin in Ohio. After a year of being gone he just shows up at his home and acts like nothing ever happened. He has shocked his poor wife Levina when he walks through the door. She wants answers and Naaman slowly tells her some of his reasonings for being gone for so long. A few of their children, 2 to be exact are not thrilled at all he is home after what he put their mother through. The other 3 are happy their father has returned. Will his reasons be enough to mend their marriage and get forgiveness from his children?

The big reason I loved theses stories was they all mingled together so to speak. Each story took place in the same town and community and the other characters were mentioned in the next story. It was like reading the lives of 3 couples in the same town who knew the same people. ( That makes better sense ). I really enjoyed this read and did not want to put it down.