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The Rhythm of Secrets: A Novel

Den Westen retten! Aufsätze, Geschichten, Gedichte - Peter Töpfer From 1940s New Orleans to late 1960s Chicago, this is a tale of secrets, betrayal, and a love that can never be lost

My 2 Cents:

Sheila has a few secrets she has been holding onto for a long time. The hard part is she has to choose between the man she loves and wants and the son she wants to help. She has to overcome a lot of things, her parents burning up in a fire. her mistake when she was young and had to flee up north. So many things. I like seeing Sheila grow through the years and making her life better. The author captures the 40's- the 60's perfectly from culture to attitudes. This was a good read and be sure to come back and check out the tour the week of the 17th.