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Glamour (On the Runway Series #5)

Glamour - Melody Carlson Sink or swim? Paige's engagement to designer Dylan Marceau shocks the fashion world. Although Paige appears to be happy, Erin wonders if it's true love or just a desire for attention and publicity. As Paige's love life takes off, Erin is feeling pressure from Blake to take their friendship to a romantic level. But is she ready? These two very different sisters still have one thing in common---their fashion TV show and all the drama that comes along with it. As they prepare for a trip to film in the Bahamas, the Forrester sisters discover that paradise isn't all it's cracked up to be. Can they do the right thing in tough situations---and the right thing for each another---in a business that often encourages the worst?

My 2 cents:

This is the 5th book in this series and I have not read the first 4. Erin and Page are sisters and in the modeling/reality tv show. They thought some things were past them till Brogan Braxton wants to be on the show. Paige is not thrilled as she knows how Brogan feels about her. It also doesn't help one of their friend cancer has returned. Erin keeps her promise to Fran about her cancer. She also has issues with Blake as well. She is torn either to love him or have a friendship. Erin stands by everyone her sister, Fran, Molly and her baby. Pagie ends up getting hurt and Erin is there like a sister should be. I thought this was a good read. I enjoyed it. I wish I could have read the others first, but I think most people would have a nice read even with out read them. I was happy to review this book.