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Toto's Tale

Grocery lists. - Robert Hershon Everyone knows how Dorothy and Toto save Oz from the Wicked Witch of West...or do they? How will Dorothy survive in a land filled with haunted bags of straw, hollow metal men and giant smelly cats? How will she fight off killer bees, mad wolves and really annoying monkeys? How will she defeat a witch with mind control and an all-seeing eye? And how will Dorothy ever find the way home? The simple truth is that she won't, at least not alone. Of course, she's not alone-she has Toto, her best friend. That is, Toto used to be her best friend. But in Oz, Dorothy spends more time talking to a cat than to him. And Toto finds new friends, too. Maybe, he should just take his wolf friends back to Kansas instead...

My 2 Cents:

I received this book from PUYB for a review and I am thrilled I did. I have been reading this with my 7 year old who loves it. He has never seen Wizard of Oz, so to him this was all new. However for me, I love the Wizard of Oz and enjoyed the chance to read from Toto's point of view. It has some funny part where he is chasing the chickens, calls Dorothy his pet girl. Toto protects Dorothy through out the book and you do meet some new people, but overall it keeps to the same story as Wizard of Oz. I think it goes more like the original book then the movie which is a good thing. Now my 13 year old is reading it and he loves it as well. This is a kids book, but I think anyone who has ever liked The Wizard of Oz will enjoy this book. I am saving this one for when my 1 year old gets older to read to him. Now I am told we have to see the movie :).