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Divide & Conquer: Book Three: Mistress of Beasts Saga

Encyclopedia of Human Biology, Ten-Volume Set, Volume 1-10 - Renato Dulbecco All Castin wanted after returning from Earth was to settle down with his mate, Katrina, and let the world take care of itself. Unfortunately, the races of Arconia thought differently...

Castin and Katrina return from Earth to find their friend Cypris in a magic induced coma, their cabin inhabited by a stranger, and Castin's apprentice ambushed by mercenaries. And that was all in the first couple days. When Castin travels to Strensa to fulfill an oath to a friend, the elves toss him in their dungeon, accusing him of a murder he didn't commit. Unwilling to live on the run, he curbs his desire to escape using his druidic abilities and forces himself to wait for his friends to get him out. But before they can, a vision of Katrina shakes Castin to his soul, forcing him to make the one decision he's always avoided. Who lives and who dies.

My 2 cents:

This is the 3rd book in the Mistress of Beasts Saga. I have not read the first two and in my opinion it would be a good idea to read the first two. As this will help answering a few questions you might have reading this one. However, I did not have any problems figuring out what was going on and enjoying the book. Castin and Katrina are great characters that have come a long way. It is a page turner you want to know WIll Castin get out and be able to help Katrina? What decisions will he make as he hates doing them? I was happy with the book and glad to review it through Bostic Comm.