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G.W. Frog And The Circus Lion

G.W. Frog and the Circus Lion - George W. Everett G.W. was awaken by some loud noises and he and Gerald grasshopper go check it out. They were excited as the circus has come to town. All the critters were in aw of all the animals. They heard some sobbing coming from one of the wagons. When they came upon it they saw an old Lion and he was sad as he has no teeth any more. The people in the crowds usually laugh at him now because of it. Frog decided to help. They got the beavers to make some teeth out of wood and got the bees to share their wax. Now the old lion has a new set of wooden teeth and even sacred a workmen waling by with his roar. He was able to led the parade again and no one laughed. Frog and the critters were a great help to the lion. My boys loved this book as did I. It teaches a great lesson that a smile can go a long way and helping people can put a smile on anyones face. If you see someone down just give them a smile and see what happens. Glad to have read this book.