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From Fear To Love

Diffusion In Ordered Alloys - ASM Atomic Transport Committee I am so glad I received this book to review as my 3 boys are adopted and they are half brothers to each other. My boys are 11 months, 7 and 13 years old. I can relate to 90% if this book from the lying, defiance to aggression along with their ADHD that runs in their birth family. I have gone through these issues and this book really helps make things easier on the parents. You feel so much love for them even when they turn away you can not back down and threaten to send them back that is the last thing they want to hear. You never know how many foster families they have had to go through before coming to you and adopted them. I can say for my 13 year old he was in 6, my 7 year old 3 and my 11 month old thank goodness 1 family before we got him at 5 months. This book is a god send and so happy to have it.