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Roast Mortem (A Coffeehouse Mystery)

Roast Mortem - Cleo Coyle Roast Mortem I have to say, is my favorite book by Cleo so far.    This book hit close to home for me as my dad is a retired Fire Chief after 40 + years of service and I could totally relate to what was happening through out the book.  Clare out does herself this time.  It was nice to see more of Mike's Cousin Michael Quinn and the big secrets between the two.  I also enjoyed Clare coming to Mike's rescue for a change.  Clare does her best work when she is at the firehouse trying to teach a few of the guys how to use the Espresso machine.  Matt also surprised me this go around.  Each character is getting stronger and even more interesting as the time goes.  There are a few hilarious parts in the book that make it all come together nicely.  I look forward to the next book and so glad I got to read this one.