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My Honorable Highlander (Bk#1-Highland Games Through Time)

My Honorable Highlander (Bk#1-Highland Games Through Time) - Nancy Lee Badger All Haven wants is her true love, someone who will love her for who she is and what she does. With some of the herbs she has she tries to find that love. The first time a handsome man on horseback that kisses her and leaves abruptly through a mist. Second time is a bit longer but noting more than kisses. They say the third time is a charm and it does work, but it takes a while for Haven to understand she is in another place in another time. The reactions to her language are a bit humorous although she is a klutz she comes across as a strong woman.
Haven can get herself into some predicaments and you wonder what is going to happen next. She takes care of herself when she needs to and is a great healer. Kirk, the laird of the clan, takes Haven under his protection after he finds her. Along the way to a castle she helps some of the fallen men with their injuries. The relationship slowly takes form, but Kirk has a secret and only he knows if he can keep the commitment he has agreed to take place in order for peace between two clans.
Will Haven be able to return to her world or will she find her one true love and stay?
From the moment I turned to the first page Haven had me engrossed in her tale. It was simply amazing. The reenactment scenes were fun to read about. The author does such a wonderful job with the descriptions’ you’d think you were there.
The book was hard for me to put down, as I wanted to know if Haven was going to understand she went back in time. I wanted to know what Kirk was going to do about his secret and if he would let things happen as they should.
The characters were well-formed and the banter was amazing. I enjoyed going back en forth between the two dialects. I found myself calling my son a “lad”.
After reading about the Highland games it makes one want to go watch and see what goes on now.
I have never read any “Highlander” type of books before this one. I have a whole new genre to add to my tbr pile. I wanted to read more. I am happy to find out there will be more books in this series.