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Corpse in the Crystal Ball

Corpse in the Crystal Ball - Kari Lee Townsend It was nice to see Sunny and Mitch again in the second book of the series. Sunny has been busy and an old girlfriend/fiancé comes back to town and into Mitch's life things start to take a nose dive. Isabel comes to Sunny for a reading, as usual Sunny can get hints of things that are going to happen. When Isabel is found dead, a message she scrawled out leaves Mitch being a suspect. Sunny must prove Mitch is innocent and she as to examine her feelings towards Mitch. Sunny also has her grandmother in town to stay with her for a bit which makes a great story all in itself.

Once again Kari brings what is needed for a good mystery with a hint of romance. We have suspicion of Mitch, we have a new mail man out of no where, grandmas sense of what is going on, Sunny's sights, and Isabel's sister on hand as well.

The characters are wonderful. I love Grandma and look forward to seeing her again. The antics she gets herself into are a hoot. Mitch and Sunny share more about their feelings and we can not leave out Sunny's parents.

I won't say too much more to give things away, but this is my favorite of the series so far.